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Edge wood Animal Clinic is located in Eugene, OR. Dr. Kimball started with Edge wood Animal Clinic in 2010, Dr. Leduc joined the clinic in 2016 and Dr. Callahan joined in 2019. We put great importance on experience, continuing education, and utilizing the latest techniques, equipment, and methodologies to deliver the finest veterinary care to your companion animal. We offer Urgent Care for your animals during business hours. We offer diets and treats which include hypo allergenic brands which are Royal Canin, Science Diet, Purina, Flea products, both nonprescription and prescription, Anti-anxiety products, Glucosamine and Omega 3 fatty acids, Medicated shampoos and rinses, Dental health products, Specialty collar sand leashes, Hair ball remedies, Cat toys including Hot Cats, Carpet treatments for stains and odors from in appropriate urinating or vomiting. Give us a call today!
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Under Investigation:
Dr. Kimball is now being investigated by the Oregon Veterinary Examining Board for his actions regarding our dog Aífe.

We have been clients at Edgewood Animal Clinic since it opened in 1994, and about a dozen of our pets have been treated there in those 23 years. Recently our vet, who started the clinic, retired and Dr. Jason Kimball took charge.

We took our 2 1/2 year old, healthy dog, Aife, to Edgewood to be spayed by Dr. Jason Kimball on Tuesday May 23rd, 2017. Just before surgery, Dr. Kimball suggested an optional surgery, a gastropexy, without telling us the risks. He let us know it was a simple, easy surgery. Ten hours later Aife was dead with a large amount of blood in her chest cavity.

After surgery, Dr. Kimball told us that during the procedure he accidentally cut a "tiny hole" in her diaphragm -- then said it was 2 inches -- which he claimed he stitched up.

My partner, Steen, sat with her for 3 hours and was continuously reassured that she was "breathing beautifully" and going to be "fine," though Steen was told Aífe had been given morphine - and she remained unconscious for the entire 3 hours.

When Dr. Kimball made an x-ray at about 5pm, he told Steen Aife had blood and air in her chest and he had no idea where it was coming from and said he wanted to transport her immediately to the Emergency Veterinary Hospital.

Steen agreed to follow the transport vehicle to EVH. The drive from Edgewood to EVH usually takes about 15 minutes. Instead it lasted over half an hour.

Steen followed them through the streets of Eugene while I received a call from them stating they were lost.

At EVH, the vets gave Aife a transfusion and prepped her for surgery to find out what was bleeding. She never made it to the surgical table. She went into cardiac arrest and died with a large amount of blood in her chest.

Dr. Kimball waited more than 40 hours to contact us following her death despite getting updated calls from EVH throughout their struggle to keep Aife alive. She died at 9:30pm on Tuesday.

At 4:00pm on Thursday, Dr. Kimball began his sympathy call by saying he had waited so long because he was depressed for two days. He continued talking about his own suffering and also blamed the woman (his vet tech.) who had been driving the transport vehicle for getting lost.

When I finally got to express my feelings, I told him we were upset that he minimized the hole he made in Aife's diaphragm and the gravity of her condition.

Following the phone call we went to Edgewood to get copies of our pets' records so we can begin our search for a new vet.

Steen was told Dr. Kimball was finishing up his report on Aife and it would take about 20 minutes. While she waited for an hour in the lobby, the other vet at the clinic expressed her condolences for our loss.

Except for the woman who made the copies, no other staff person spoke to Steen and she never saw Dr. Kimball, though he knew she was in the lobby.

We brought home the copies of both Aife and our other pet's files. Our old dog's file was in chronological order, but Aife's was in complete disarray with the report of the surgery that caused her death buried in the middle.

We were also surprised to find the records of three other Edgewood clients (other peoples' pets) among the papers.

The most shocking piece of information we learned from the medical files of both Edgewood and EVH was that Dr. Kimball reported to EVH that Aife's surgery was "uneventful" and that Aife's diaphragm was "intact at that time."

However, EVH discovered a deep incision in Aife's belly extending into her chest cavity and a large amount of blood surrounding her lungs.

What was most difficult about this is we were deprived of being able to hold her and let her go peacefully and with dignity because of the delays and the fact that Dr. Kimball did not provide the emergency vets with x-rays (he took three sets) and told them the surgery went fine.
by sue d. on June 18, 2017

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Edgewood Animal Clinic in Eugene, Oregon, is on the cutting edge of veterinary medicine and companion animal care. Our vete...rinarians and veterinary technicians are highly experienced and trained in the latest medical, dental, and surgical care for dogs, cats, and pocket pets. Most of all, we truly love the animals we care for and you’ll feel that passion and concern from the moment you walk...
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