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Disrespectful, unprofessional, and self interested.:
I rented an apartment with a great landlord. However, working with Keon Hazard was one of the worst experiences I’ve ever had in working with real estate professionals. He is disrespectful, unprofessional and very self interested.

When I came to view the apartment I later rented, Keon personally confirmed my appointment hours prior for the agreed time. I was kept waiting for over two hours with sparse responses and declined calls from him saying “he’ll be right there” or “can’t talk now.” He later mentioned his lack of response was due to showing other properties and completely ignoring this appointment. After two hours he finally picks up the phone - I was frustrated but kept it respectful. He then threatens not to show up rather than acknowledge his mistake.

He is responsive, only until he gets his money. After I met my landlord and we squared away brokers fees, he stopped responding and dragged his feet in returning a deposit check to me. I had to call, text, over and over across several weeks before getting any response or what I was owed.

At the end of my lease term, and before my household was able to get vaccinated for COVID-19, he did NOT conduct apartment viewings for future tenants in a respectful manner. Being in a high risk group for COVID infections, I simply asked that he and prospective renters take precautions as to not put myself or loved ones at risk in trying to balance the landlord’s need with personal safety. He agreed, but on the day of viewing he showed up late not respecting our schedule, rushed in when I opened the door, and did not respect the precautions he volunteered to take.

I opted to be absent during viewings as a result and asked him to lock up and respect certain areas which contain valuable/NDA protected items. He confirmed he would do this and later did upon ending the open house. When I returned, I found the apartment unlocked for hours (creating professional liabilities), dirt on the floors, and no trace of the precautions I had asked for (masks and shoe covers in my home). I had to spend hours cleaning up after Keon because he could not be bothered to offer some basic respect. When I asked him about this he dodged my questions and ultimately chose not to respond or answer calls even when I called his office and asked his assistant to leave him a note.

I ended up finding out from my landlord that he displayed no hint of this behavior to the landlord, his client, so this is no fluke. His behavior is unacceptable. Between creating liabilities and health risks to the complete disregard for basic respect, I suggest you find another broker.
by John on August 11, 2021

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Hudson County realtor with the spark, knowledge, enthusiasm and professionalism needed to sell or rent your property! Serving Hudson county is not a job it is a passion as with his parents started their young lives in this area makes the relationship close to home. After moving from from the suburbs in Essex county, the only place to call home for the young and ambitious engineer transitioning...
by Zillow on July 26, 2018 from Zillow