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Avoid sosebee's and clayton county:
When we went to get my car we were treated in a hateful manner upon entering the office. When asking legitimate, relevant questions we were screamed at, subjected to profane insults (called my friend a "b@!%h"), racial slurs (dropped the N bomb on me), blatantly mocked, laughed at, intimidated and threatened with physical violence. They also refused to let me change my tire with the car in the impound yard and refused to pull my car (which had a flat) around the corner to a vacant lot (which was a 1 minute walk away) so that I could change the tire there. I expressed concern about driving it on a flat because I did not want to damage the rim. I was told, "YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE LEFT IT ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD!" This was followed by mocking laughter. When I reached the impound yard, I noticed a large, aggressive "guard" dog lurking around. I requested that my friend accompany me to my car and expressed fear of a dog attack. They refused to let my friend, or anyone else, go with me and hatefully told me "IT'S YOUR CAR YOU GO GET IT!" After retrieving my car we discovered gravel in the tailpipe and a long length of pipe had been cleanly, freshly severed and removed from under my car- the catalytic converter had disappeared as well! I had to call 911 twice to summon the police- once to file a theft report, a second time to report threatening behavior from three Sosebee's men who had left their property, approached me and threatened me. When a Clayton County cop showed up he was sarcastic, flatly refused to photograph the damage when asked multiple times to do so and refused to take action against the men who had committed the offenses listed above. When he declared "I refuse to photograph it!" to them, they began sneering and heckling us, saying "WE'LL SEE YOU AGAIN TOMORROW!" By the way, Sosebee's is contracted with Clayton County to tow vehicles upon request. My advice is to stay as far away from Clayton County, Georgia as you possibly can, and never, ever call Sosebee's for anything!

My car had been impounded upon the request of Clayton County Police Department because I was forced to leave it on the side of the interstate temporarily due to a blowout. It had sat there less than 12 hours and was never labeled with a warning sticker. I had left a very visible, detailed notice in the windshield indicating the blowout, explaining that I was coming back ASAP and including my cell number. Nobody notified me, I was told the whereabouts of the vehicle when I reported it missing.
by Sosebee's Victim on April 24, 2010