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Worst place to deal with ever?:
I have had more problems with this place than any other organization I have ever dealt with. I am actually writing this while on hold with the FOC. I have been on hold for 20 min already. It’s like that every time I call. The people who work at this place are usually in a bad mood and not very happy to help with anything even when its there mistake. They have made many mistakes with my account. I am calling today because they accidentally intercepted my tax returns and over paid the mother by $1100. Oops… I don’t think I will be able to get it back any time soon. Hopefully I will have a credit on my account. But, since they take the money out of my checks every month I’m sure I will have to file some kind of paperwork and wait for a court date. Oh, a word of advice for new fathers in the system. When you pay to see the judge and after you wait 8 months to see him make sure what ever he rules actually gets entered in to the computer. If you don’t you will have to pay to see him and wait 8 months to get it fixed. This has happened to me twice. I have been on hold for 30 min now.

Basically, I would say this is the worst place in the world. Do you agree?
by Matt on May 23, 2008
11 years no child support:
I have to say, yes it sucks, the Detroit FOTC has not been successful in helping me out either. However, I have worked hard to support and take care of my son and have consitently called FOTC for information. I have had my share of rude people but also really nice women who have reviewed my file and given me information that has helped. Once a year if you request a show of cause hearing, show up to the hearing, you dont have to have a lawyer, just the truth. The court will have the evidence of owed back child support. If the loser doesnt show, a bench warrant will be issued, then you can and request a Felany warrant on the person and it becomes a serious crime. He can either pay child support willingly, or do it from a prison where he will be forced to work to pay the back support.
by Tracy Gaudry on December 05, 2007
False accusations on the rise:
There has been a rise in Woman falsly reporting there kids belong to men,
And they waqnt you to hire a 10,000 lawyer bedore you even call them.
Its b@!%!**t all over again
by Don H Badami on October 04, 2007
No Help!:
I have got nowhere in my child support case with the Friend of the Court in Detroit, MI. I have been fighting for support for over 9 yrs. The father of my kids who hasn't paid his support own a nightclub in Windsor, and I cannot get any hjelp to go after him. Friend of the Court won't accept phone calls, nor do they look into issues like this as they say their policy states they should. After 4 weeks of non-payment, they are supposed to go after the deadbeat who isn't paying.... 9 YEARS PEOPLE and I am still waiting!!! Major problems in our system down there and how it works.....noone cares!! And I mean noone! They are all RUDE and act like they don't have time for you. Mr. Mayor is too busy showing off, and buying things for his family, or buying plants for downtown rather than taking care of real issues.

On a scale of 1-10, they are about a -5 in getting the job done!

Oh, and by the way...do not show up without an attorney.....I have been told by a judge before, if you don't have an attorney, you'll lose no matter what!!! Nice huh??
by Leah Bell on May 01, 2007

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