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Job well done!:
Had to scramble to find an irrigation company when mine decided to no longer service the area. I have a very difficult piece of property, but Best's spring fixes were well done and did the job all summer. First summer in yrs I didn't have a leak! Thanks Best
by Dean von Essen on October 22, 2021
A problem every visit:
My family has been using Best Horticultural since assuming the contract (from the previous owner) after moving to Marlboro, NJ. In contrast to neighborhood opinion, we have found the lawn and horticultural services to be fairly priced and high quality. Based on that experience, we decided several years ago to add the irrigation services.

It was immediately apparent that the irrigation services were strikingly lackluster and manipulative compared to those of the horticultural division. On our first usage of the service, we expected a low cost, basic system opening. I pointed out a minor repair, and despite the high quote (bringing the total to approximately $200), decided to allow Best to perform the repair. Shortly thereafter, I received a knock at the door from the serviceman asking for over $500.00. I expressed shock and was told that the serviceman looked for other problems and fixed them without consent. I refused to debate this at my front door, and said that I would take it up with the owner. I was then told the repairman would not leave without being paid in full (Note: All my Best services are typically billed to one monthly statement). I was told that the irrigation company is "different" and I needed to pay immediately. I paid and called the office and was immediately visited by the owner of the Horticultural division. I explained the situation along with pointing out that the serviceman left my gates wide open and took a fabric chair that was stored in my garage; moved it to the control box and stepped on it (leaving muddy footprints) and left the chair in the location to which he moved it. The owner expressed dismay and refunded the full cost of service.
This experience became the norm over other visits culminating in a repair job that ultimately caused me to cancel the irrigation services (while keeping the horticultural services). I was quoted a price for a small repair (using identical materials) alongside the pressure relief valve. After agreeing to the quote, upon the date of repair, I was told the quote increased by a large percentage due to "the rising cost of brass". As it was late in the season, I reluctantly agreed. Note, I was not home at the time of repair, but spoke to the repairman via phone. Upon returning home, I noticed the job used no brass, nor identical parts as agreed, but rather 3 small cheap PVC sections. Rather than another complaint, I simply cancelled the service.

Unsurprisingly (as also warned of by my new irrigation company); the cheap repair became compromised in just over one season of use. I called Best (at the advice of the new company). Best management stood by the work they did and refused to repair the section. Based on my short experience with Best Irrigation, I would strongly advise against using them for any service at any time. I have attached a link to photos of the $160+ dollar "repair" that they stood behind.
by djaynyc on June 09, 2017