Privacy Policy

Effective May 9, 2011

Welcome to Solfo, Inc. dba Solfo and YellowBot®. Please read this Privacy Policy and Our Terms and Conditions of Use carefully before using or obtaining any Content, Products or Services through Our Site. The provisions of the Terms and Conditions of Use are expressly incorporated by Reference into the terms of this Privacy Policy.

Your IP Address

Like most e-commerce websites, each time You visit Our Site, We automatically collect Your IP address and the web page from which You came. We use Your IP address to administer and optimize Our Site for You and to diagnose problems with Our Site.


"Cookies" are small pieces of information that are stored by Your browser on Your computer's hard drive. Like most websites, We use cookies to keep track of Your activity on Our Site to enhance Your experience. We also use cookies to deliver content specific to Your interests, to save Your password and. if You choose, other information so You do not have to re-enter it each time You visit Our Site. A cookie may also be placed by Our advertising server. Such cookies are used for purposes of tracking the effectiveness of advertising served by Us on our advertising server. Similarly, a cookie may be placed by Our third-party advertising partners. Subject to the Google AdSense Program and Policies, Google advertising cookies may be placed and read on Our browsers. If you wish to disable these cookies, the "help" portion of the toolbar on most browsers will tell You how to disable cookies. However, if You set your browser to disable cookies, You may not be able to access certain areas or features of the Site.

Other Information We Collect

When browsing Our Site, You are not required to provide any personal information unless and until You choose to sign up for one of Our e-mail newsletters or other services as described below. We do not knowingly permit Our Site to be used by any person under the age of thirteen and We do not knowingly collect any personal information from children (meaning those younger than thirteen years of age). We collect personal information from servers owned by others, i.e., Facebook and MySpace. We may, from time to time, store the data We collect on Our servers and on servers owned by others. We undertake ongoing efforts to assure the integrity and security of the data on Our servers, but cannot guarantee that the security measures We employ will always be completely effective. We also cannot guarantee the absolute security of data We store on servers owned by others. We will provide notice on Our Site if We have reason to believe the integrity of Our stored data has been breached or compromised, potentially permitting unauthorized third-parties to access the stored data.

Registered User Information

If You choose to become a Registered User of Solfo You must provide a valid e-mail address, a unique login name, password, and password validation, and a password hint to help You remember Your password. This information is collected on the registration form for several reasons including: (1) personal identification; (2) to allow Us to contact You for customer service purposes, if necessary; (3) to customize the Content of Our Site to meet Your specific needs; and (4) to make product improvements to Our Site.

Automatic Logging of Session Data

We automatically log generic information about Your computer's connection to the Internet, which We call "session data", that is anonymous and not linked to any personal information. Session data consists of things such as IP address, operating system and type of browser software being used and the activities conducted by the user while on Our Site. An IP address is a number that lets computers attached to the Internet, such as our web servers, know where to send data back to the user, such as the pages of the website the user wishes to view. We collect session data because it helps Us analyze such things as what items visitors are likely to click on most, the way visitors are clicking through the website, how many visitors are surfing to various pages on the website, how long visitors to the website are staying and how often they are visiting. We also record the URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) of the websites You have visited prior to arriving at Our Website(s) and the URLs of the destinations You visit after you leave our Website(s). Collecting this information also helps us diagnose problems with Our servers and lets Us better administer Our systems. You should know it is possible to determine from an IP address a visitor's Internet Service Provider (ISP) and the approximate geographic location of his or her point of connectivity. Third-party advertising companies may also employ technology that is used to measure the effectiveness of ads.

Telephone Tracking Data

If a user (including Registered Users and visitors who simply browse Our Site) places a telephone call to a number provided by Our Site, We and/or our advertising partners may record, track and/or meter the telephone number of originating the call on Our own behalf or on behalf of others offering or advertising products or services on Our Site. We and/or our advertising partners may also store referring telephone numbers.


From time to time We may add or enhance services available on Our Site. To the extent these services are provided and used by You, We will use the information You provide to facilitate the service requested. For example, if You e-mail us with a question, We will use Your e-mail address, name, nature of the question, etc. to respond to Your question. We may also store such information to assist Us in making Our Site better and easier to use.

Information Other Websites Collect From You

On Our Site, We place links to other websites operated by other parties. Some of these other websites contain Our brand names and trademarks and other intellectual property that We own; others do not. When You click on these links and visit these other websites, regardless of whether or not they contain Our brand names, trademarks and other intellectual property, You need to be aware that We do not control these other websites or these other websites' business practices, and that this privacy policy does not apply to these other websites. Consequently, the operators of these other websites may collect different kinds of information about You, and may use and disclose that information in different ways than We would if it were collected on Our Site. We encourage You to review their privacy policies and remind You that We will not be responsible for their actions.

Sharing Your Information

When You use Our Site or provide Us with information, We may share Your personal information among Our corporate affiliates at Solfo including, but not limited to Our affiliates and For example, if You submit a review or rating of a business in Your area, We may share Your review with Our affiliated websites, as well as unaffiliated users of such data including suppliers, advertisers, affiliates, other current and potential business partners and other third parties. We may also use and share such aggregate statistical information and data to inform these third parties as to the number of people who have seen and clicked on links to their web sites. Occasionally, We may hire a third party to act on Our behalf for projects such as market-research surveys and will provide information to these third parties specifically for use in connection with these projects.

We may use information that You provide to Us for sales and marketing purposes including, but not limited to, sharing such information with third-party advertisers and marketers. We may also share information that You provide to Us with Our partners and affiliates. We, and the third parties with whom we share information, may contact You regarding commercial services and/or products.In addition to the circumstances described above, We may disclose Your information as part of a validation process in the interest of preventing fraud, to provide proper accounting to Our business partners (for “pay-per-click”, “pay-per-call” or “push-to-talk” advertising listings and related programs) and to validate Our business metrics including number of clicks, referrer logs and other tracking information. We may also disclose Your information if required to do so by law or a valid court order. We may also disclose Your information pursuant to the request of any government or law enforcement authority or in our sole discretion if We believe that disclosure is necessary or advisable to, among other things, protect Our rights, or protect the rights of others. We specifically reserve the right to disclose identifying information about Registered Users and visitors who simply browse Our Site if We determine in our sole discretion that the disclosure of such information is necessary for a third party to identify, contact or bring legal action against a Registered User or visitor to Our Site who may be interfering with or violating the rights of a third party, intentionally or otherwise. In addition, if Solfo or substantially all of its assets are acquired, Our user, Registered User and customer information will most likely also be transferred in connection with such acquisition.

Demographic Information

We may use demographic and listing information to customize Our Site and communications to the interests of Our users. We may share demographic information and Saved Listings with advertisers and other third parties so that they can target their advertisements and communications to the appropriate audience. Demographic and listing data We provide to advertisers and other third parties may be linked to information You have provided as a Registered User so that advertisers and third parties can target the offerings presented to You. We may capture, correct, enhance, extrapolate and store additional information and data based on information You supply, including without limitation data relating to Your geographic location, IP address and provider, email and other demographic information. We may also enhance the information We collect from You with additional information collected by third parties to correct, match, enhance or complete the data You have provided. We may store and share this enhanced information on an individual or aggregated basis.

How We Use Public Information, Reviews, Ratings and Registered User Names

When You become a Registered User, You must create a user name. Our Site provides You with the opportunity to give user reviews and ratings for restaurants, hotels, bars, events and other businesses. Your Registered User name and information may appear next to Your user reviews and ratings as they are posted on Our Site. Your Registered User name and information may also appear on a Registered User Profile section of Our Site. We may also use and disclose Your Registered User name, information and reviews and ratings in any other manner. To read further details about how We may use Your user name, information and reviews, see Our Terms and Conditions of Use.

Opt Out

If You have any questions or concerns about this privacy policy, the practices of Our Site, or Your dealings with the Site, You can contact Us as set forth below. If You contact Us by telephone, You acknowledge and consent to the recording of such telephone conversations for quality control purposes.