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Kellie Kirkpatrick was founded in 2008. Kellie Kirkpatrick specializes in Clinic, Operated By Physicians.
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Exit Depression:
I met Kellie 15 years ago when I was a foreign student in Boston. I knew nothing about alternative medicine at that time but hospitals used to scare me stiff and, as I was riddled with back problems, insomnia, liver dysfunctions and whatnot related to the huge adaptation efforts I had to make to my life on another continent, I decided to try acupuncture and see whether it could help with all, or any of them. I started treatment with another acupuncturist without definite improvement to my general state, then Kellie came to replace that person over the winter holidays and promptly resolved the case. By the beginning of the second semester I could sleep, work and even enjoy my life such as it was. After graduation I moved to Montreal but kept "pestering" Kellie every time something was not quite in order with me health wise and sent my family and friends to her whenever they were ill too. In 2004 I went through a major depression which I refused to treat by the usual means: drugs, therapy sessions, the like for I had seen the dependency effects they produced in many of my colleagues using them (I'm a theatre artist and things have been going from bad to worse in my profession these last years so it's no wonder people get ill with the endless adversity they meet in that field). As I was too weak to travel (too weak to do anything really) Kellie came to Montreal to treat me and her homeopathic remedy worked wonders. In only a month I was back to work, brimming with energy and apt to fight for survival by myself. I think her best quality as a practitioner lies in the total confidence she inspires in her patients as regards her skills, but also the potential of the craft itself. Her dedication, her courage, her compassionate ways and why not? her simplicity of manner in the course of the treatment- she never gave me verse and chapter, for instance, about the "mysteries of the Orient" and some such New Age propaganda while I was her patient- together with her uncanny ability to pin down the source of the ailment and devise the swiftest way to eradicate it, all these highly recommend her even to skeptics.
At present I am referring my godson to her for his speaking disabilities (he's six and still not producing full sentences in spite of heavy training with specialists in the field, intensive therapy and such) and am pretty sure she will find a way to open him up.
Cristina I.
by cristina iovita on October 14, 2008