Stickerstop Express

Member Reviews

Not reliable:
Called them to ask about their hours and they told me they were open until 3pm that day. Arrived at 1:30pm and everything was shut down; no one was there. There's a phone number on the door that is for reporting when that location was not following their open hour answer. Not reliable and poor business practices here.
by Bluepepper on September 05, 2011
Faulty equipment:
I went to this place to get my inspection sticker because my sister recommended it. Never again. They moved my car multiple times and hooked it up to different computers. Each time they couldn't read my car. They claimed it was my car. I took it down the street and got it done there. At least they didn't charge me. What good is a place that doesn't have equipment that works?
by Sandy on September 03, 2007
Crooked Sticker Slow Service:
Service was slow. I found out later that one of the bay's computers was not reading my car correctly so they had to wait to move it to another bay. No one informed me of what was going on. I was the last person in the waiting room until close. When I got in my car, the sticker was crooked and not just a little bit. I looked at the information written on the sticker and it had the year of my vehicle 4 years off and the mileage was over 7,000 miles off. I don't know where the number came from. I went back in and was told if the sticker was moved, it would ruin it and I would have to be charged for another one. I was referred to the Texas DPS for help. Very poor service. I have been going to this location for years and recommended other people, but no more.
by Kelly Brink on August 11, 2007